Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Come and knock on our door. . .

As I read this latest article from SHRM this morning, the theme from "Three's Company" popped into my head. Yes, indeed, we've been waiting for you.

Seems as though federal governmental agencies may be sharing information to determine who will receive or has received ICE audit notices. According to the article, companies which found themselves the subject of an investigation or audit from another agency--mostly related to the employment of immigrants--also received a heads-up that ICE would be coming to inspect their Form I-9s.

As we recommended (okay, whined) earlier here, the time to look at your Form I-9s for compliance issues is long before you even think you might be getting an audit letter. And if you do find yourself on the mailing list of any government agency, please engage counsel as soon as you receive the letter and before you provide anything in response to the notice.

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