Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Severe weather policies: not just for winter any more

We've had a run of bad weather in our area over the last few days. I listened to a friend recount the multiple ways he tried to get to work one morning this week, only to be thwarted each time by a tree across the road he was trying to take. He eventually made it to his office after 1 1/2 hours of driving around (normal drive time is 5 minutes) and taking quite the circuitous route.

Most of our clients have severe/inclement weather policies. It is rare for them to be invoked in seasons other than winter. That could mean that the wording in the policy might lead one to believe that it is only meant for winter conditions (i.e., if schools are on a snow schedule, if the temperature drops below ___ degrees, if you are not comfortable driving in snowy conditions, etc.).

As is often the case, we learn how to improve a policy when confronted with a situation that wasn't necessarily anticipated when the policy was written. Same here. Check your severe weather policy, and be sure it's doing the job for you.

(Yes, these boots do the job for me, except mine are orange with cream polka dots--shocking, I know.)

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