Thursday, September 30, 2010

No Southern Belle; Just a Bell Tolling

Look, y'all: it's been a loooong day, which means that my attempts to keep my southern drawl in check fell by the wayside many hours ago. That also means that this won't be a big discussion entry. Just a couple of simple pleas:

PLEASE train your staff on properly completing Form I-9.

PLEASE have them read through the instructions and go over each section block by block.

PLEASE "error-up" some sample forms and have your staff find the miscues.

PLEASE follow-up with your staff to see if any situations have arisen which weren't addressed in training (you know they have).

And PLEASE do self-audits. Better you catch the mess-ups before ICE (yes, that acronym is two syllables long by this point in my day).

I need a Pal's sweet tea.

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