Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Unsuccessful Cloture Vote for Dems on Paycheck Fairness Act

Democrats attempted to overcome a Republican filibuster on the Paycheck Fairness Act by calling for a cloture vote today. Democrats were two votes short of the required 60 votes to achieve cloture (which would place a time limit on debate about the Act). The roll call vote showed that 58 Democrats voted in favor of cloture, while 40 Republicans and 1 Democrat (Nelson, of Nebraska) voted against cloture. One Republican, Sen. Lisa Murkowski, was not present for the vote as she continues to await the poll results in Alaska from her mid-term election challenge by Joe Miller.

With Republicans gaining 6 Senate seats in the November 2010 elections, the likelihood of seeing the Act up for vote again in its present form is unlikely. Democrats may attempt some concessions, much like what was attempted unsuccessfully to gain passage of the Employee Free Choice Act, to get this matter for vote prior to January, 2011. However, with the inability to overcome a Republican filibuster and elections completed for the next two years, little incentive exists for Republicans to cooperate in bringing this matter to a vote.

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