Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Take Your Tie And Go “Packing”

A car salesman in Chicago was fired recently for refusing to remove his Green Bay Packers tie. Many are already calling for the former salesman to find a lawyer and “sue the dealership for all it's worth.” While wearing a tie emblazoned with the Packers logo the day after the Packers beat the Bears is probably not the best way to make friends (or sell cars) in Chicago, does it really give the geographically-challenged salesman grounds for suing his former employer? Certainly not. Unfortunately for this former employee, there is no law protecting Packers fans from being discharged from their jobs. Some may believe that firing the salesman for his choice of neckwear was unfair or harsh, but unfairness does not mean the discharge was illegal or grounds for a lawsuit. If this Packers fan wants to sell any 2011 models, he will have to do so at a different (and more Packer-friendly) dealership.

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