Monday, April 12, 2010

When TMI becomes TMI4TW

I just read several posts on Facebook by an acquaintance speaking to a recent medical procedure she had.

Right below that was a posting by a friend who was asking for prayers for a family member who had "taken a turn for the worse".

Scrolling a little more led to the discovery that another friend was pregnant and experiencing complications from it.

Finally, I had a post by someone who was insulted that he had to sign the book at the drugstore when he picked up his prescription for Cymbalta.

I, like many of you, shake my head at some of the discussions people hold publicly (via Facebook, Twitter, on mobile phones while walking through the mall). I could find humor amongst the not-so-newfound-openness more easily because none of these posts were by co-workers or my employees.

But what if they had been?

These entries are all reminders as to why I do not friend, follow or otherwise social network with co-workers. Let's face it--I'm on these sites to keep up with people whom I don't see on a regular basis or talk to as frequently as I would like. I can walk down the hall, dial an extension, or (if I'm sore from a long run) zip an e-mail to a co-worker to find out what is happening if I am so inclined.

Who would have thought that e-mail now feels like one of the safest ways to interact?

(TMI4TW = TMI for the workplace)

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