Friday, October 9, 2009

HR Expo 2009 a success

Thanks to all the team members who gave of their talents in yesterday's HR Expo! Michael Eastridge scared everyone with his immigration presentation. He also made a distinguished Your Honor in the closing session Mock Trial, which included our other team members: Michael Lattier , who deserves an Oscar nod for his portrayal of the misunderstood, alleged harasser; R. Lee McVey II who proved himself as defense counsel to be an expert thrower of shadows; Christopher D. Owens, whose pocket square never moved while he ferociously pursued his case on behalf of his client and revealed he may have missed his calling as a TV broadcaster; and Ellen Pollock, our alleged victim both in trial character and in real life, as she had to put up with the antics of the rest of us in getting ready for this. And one last thank you to the team for letting me play the HR person who embodied almost every "thou shalt not" that we coach to our clients.

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