Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'll have the jumbo shrimp, please!

Oxymorons make me laugh. I can't help it. Jumbo shrimp. Authentic replicate. Instant classic. Compassionate attorney. Wait. . .

The newest one to add to the list, though, may not be a laughing matter. Mandatory flexibility. Heard about it? Congress has, and is working on implementing a law which would require employers to engage in discussions with employees with requests are received to alter work schedules, work locations and work hours. The law would put a framework together for this interaction, complete with deadlines for the employer to follow and requiring a written reason if an employee's request is denied.

Is this another attempt at a solution looking for a problem, a la GINA? I doubt any of you would close your door to an employee seeking to make a request. You may not grant it, but you would at least listen to the reasoning before making a decision.

So we shall wait and see what is in store for mandatory flexibility. It appears to be a definite maybe that it will pass.

Happy stretching!

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