Monday, March 23, 2009

Time flies. . . .

but I probably won't complete that familiar phrase with its familiar ending.

It has been almost a month since the last blog post. My apologies. Sometimes things come up outside of work that demand your attention, so those less time-sensitive tasks that you would pick up here and there (such as maintaining the blog) tend to suffer.

The world around me has been moving at a frenetic pace, one where I find that I'm hanging on by the ever-whitening tips of my fingers. That makes work a nice outlet. It makes it an even better one when I know that I come to work not just with co-workers, but friends and confidants who have concern for me.

This environment is not one unique to Hunter, Smith & Davis. My clients are geniuses at promoting these types of relationships. They've managed to maintain enough caution that, in most situations, the line doesn't get blurred. Doing so helps diffuse problems when it comes time to counsel, discipline, evaluate, etc.

So in these difficult times, these uncertain times, knowing that friends are both inside and outside the office can bring some comfort (and boost morale at the office). Think about ways you can engender a feeling of camaraderie at your workplace--you may find yourself pleasantly surprised at the benefits that come with it!

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