Sunday, January 6, 2008

Welcome to the first HS&D L&E blog for 2008!

No, we're not going to keep the name "HS&D L&E" for our blog, despite our affinity as attorneys to always speak in "acronymese." We'll fix that in due course (the name, not the affinity for our acronyms--we wouldn't give that up for anything!). But we are excited to introduce you to this new feature of our Labor & Employment team at Hunter, Smith & Davis.

In our continual efforts to ensure our clients are aware of what's happening in the L&E world, we thought it would also be nice to provide a forum for anyone (not just clients) to ask questions and generate discussion. It will only make us better attorneys, and it will hopefully assist those of you reading the blog in meeting your legal obligations as employers.

Our first few posts will be used to introduce you to the members of our team, in addition to talking about the latest in labor and employment.

So, check back frequently, and comment to your heart's content!

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